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    Why is EMPIRE’s PRP Therapy better than the rest?

    An important point in note is that the efficacy if the treatment depends on the platelet count, which is essentially the concentration of the platelets. That is why at EMPIRE we use the Harvest’s SmartPRep. It is the best in the industry. WHY IS IT THE BEST? It increases the platelet count to 2 million platelets per micro litre. The normal count in our blood is 200,000 per micro litre. For the treatment to be effective, the platelet count has to be 4 times greater than normal. There are many centrifuge systems out there but none are able to deliver the platelet count that the Harvest System boasts. Within the....

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    The Artistique Center Newsletter!

    We are happy to announce the launching of our monthly newsletter for our valued clients! The newsletters will be featuring the latest trends in aesthetic surgery, anti-aging medicine, and wellness. These will be sent directly to our clients through email.....

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