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    About Dr. Callanta

    is a  renowned  Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon in the field of fat harvest and fat grafting in the Philippines.  He has built a formidable reputation in fat grafting by using a combination of medical expertise, consummate skill, artistic vision, latest state of the art technique and outstanding customer service. He learned his fat grafting to the face technique from Dr. Roger Amar who is the creator of the FAMI technique (your own adult stem cells grafted by injection into the muscle). For the fat grafting to the breast, he trained under Dr. Roger Khouri  who contributed to the innovations in liposuction and lipografting, and was the inventor of the Brava external breast tissue expander followed by large volume fat graft. As per Dr. Callanta, there is no other way to perfect the techniques than by first, learning them from the masters, and then, honing them by doing it again and again.

    This website is dedicated to Adifill, Dr. Callanta’s latest technique in facial and hand rejuvenation, breast augmentation, butt augmentation, hip contouring, correction of post-liposuction irregularity using autologous fat. The process of Adifill is harvesting an adipose filler from the stubborn fat using a powercan lipo, which is a  less traumatic machine which uses a 2-mm reciprocating movement at 4,000 cycles per minute to facilitate the procedure. The harvested fat is processed to make it into an adipose filler which uses your body’s own natural fat to achieve exceptional, permanent results, with less risk, minimal downtime, and no need to return for frequent maintenance treatments.   This harvested adipose filler is the most cost effective way to enhance the face and body.   After the procedure, he educates the patient about wellness and anti-aging protocols to complement their new look.  That is a holistic way of achieving the best result which is enhancing the patient’s external appearance at the same time improving his health from the inside.

    Dr. Callanta is  committed to achieving beautiful, natural-looking results with the utmost in safety for Asian patients taking into consideration that Asians have a unique body shape, physique, cultural characteristics and unique demands on how they want to be enhanced as compared to Caucasians. Bringing in to patients a cutting age technology which he acquired during his many trainings outside of the Philippines in the field of fat grafting and aesthetic wellness, he has built his  practice on word of mouth referrals from his happy and satisfied patients coming in from the USA, Spain, England, Australia, Japan, Thailand and of course the Philippines.

    Although he still does other cosmetic procedures per request, he lives by the saying of  Aristotle—- “we are what we repeatedly do, excellence then is not an act but a habit”.  He is continuously searching for breakthrough treatments, more effective products and new advanced technologies so that he may share to patients and educate them as well. Dr. Callanta and his professional staff see to it that every individual that they meet get correct information that they are entitled to.


    FELLOWSHIP: Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
    Consortium I
    Makati Medical Center
    Rizal Medical Center
    *Veterans Memorial Medical Center
    North Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines
    January 2000 – May 2003

    RESIDENCY: General Surgery, Chief Resident
    Capitol Medical Center
    Sct. Magbanua Street, Quezon City Philippines
    July 1993-December 1998

    INTERNSHIP: Capitol Medical Center ( CMC )
    Sct. Magbanua Street, Quezon City, Philippines
    May 1991-April 1992
    PRO, CMC Intern’s Organization 1991-1992

    MEDICINE: Doctor of Medicine & Surgery
    University of Sto. Tomas
    Espana, Manila, Philippines
    Chairman, Medical Missions Phi Sigma Gamma

    COLLEGIATE: Bachelor of Science in Biology
    University of Sto. Tomas
    Espana, Manila, Philippines
    Full Scholar
    (National Science Technology Administration)
    Chairman, Cultural Section UST Pax Romana, 1986-87

    SECONDARY: Philippine Science High School
    Agham Road, Quezon City, Philippines
    Full Scholar
    (National Science Technology Administration)

    PRIMARY: Amandiego Elementary School
    Amandiego, Alaminos, Pangasinan, Philippines

    Class Salutatorian
    DATE: December 21, 1992 PRC Reg. No. 0076489

    Diplomate Philippine Board of Surgery
    Part I (Written Exam) April 11, 1999 Passed
    Part II (Oral Exam) August 29, 1999 Passed

    Part I February 10, 2007 Passed


    Philippine Medical Association Member PMA no. E-3-9930 Quezon City
    Medical Society Member District IV
    Phi Sigma Gamma Fraternity
    (UST Medicine and Surgery)


    ASEAN Fellow, 11th ASEAN Congress of Plastic Surgery
    Singapore, January – February 2002

    Testimonial of Service, Philippine Band of Mercy
    Manila, March 1, 2002

    Research Papers

    1. “Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma of the Trachea” (Case Report)

    • 1st Place Inter-Department Paper Presentation 1994
    Capitol Medical Center, Quezon City, Philippines

    2. “The Evaluation of Thermography in Detecting Lumbar Disc Disease”

    • 2nd Place Inter-Department Paper Presentation 1997
    Capitol Medical Center, Quezon City, Philippines

    • Presented at the 26th Annual Meeting American Academy of Thermology
    Allegheny General Hospital
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

    3. “ The use of combination freeze dried Amnion and Hydrogel from Carrageenan in the management of Split Thickness Skin Graft Donor site”

    • Recipient of a research grant from the Philippine Nuclear Research Institute (PNRI)

    • 1st Place Plastic Surgery Resident’s 5th Annual Scientific Paper Presentation
    Veterans Memorial Medical Center, Philippines –August 4, 2001

    • 2nd Place Annual Scientific Research Paper Presentation
    Veterans Memorial Medical Center, Philippines –November 21, 2001

    • Presented at the 11th ASEAN Congress of Plastic Surgery
    Raffles City Convention Center, Singapore
    February 1, 2002
    Consolation Prize

    4. “Gamma Irradiated Hydrocolloid Carrageenan versus Saline Soaked Gauze Dressing as a Temporary Skin Coverage for Granulating Full Thickness Burn Wound”

    • 3rd place Plastic Surgery Resident’s 6th Annual Scientific Paper Presentation
    Veterans Memorial Medical Center, Philippines –August 24, 2002

    Post-Graduate Training

    Year 2013

    September 6-8 5th A4M (Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine) Congress on Anti-Aging and Aesthetic
    Medicine, Bangkok, Thailand
    September 7 KLENTZ Medical Faculty: The Solution for Preventive, Regenerative and Anti-Aging  Medicine, Bangkok Convention Centre at CentralWorld, Bangkok, Thailand (SPEAKER)
    June 27-July 3 La Academia Americana De Medicina Antienvejecimiento Y La Escuela Superior De Medicina Del I.P.N., Mexico City
    June 7-9 2nd ISPRES Congress (International Society of Plastic Regenerative Surgery, Berlin, Germany)
    April 26-29 EMT: Comprehensive Facial Aesthetics Training, Los Angeles, California

    Year 2012

    August 31 – September 2 4th World Congress of Minimal Invasive Plastic Surgery and Dermatology, COEX convention center, Seoul, Korea (SPEAKER)
    July 28 PAPRAS Scientific Meeting entitled “The Mommy Makeover”. The Augusto M. Barcelon Auditorium, 6th Floor, Podium Building, The Medical City (SPEAKER)
    May 29-31 3rd European Congress on Preventive. Regenerative and Anti-Aging Medicine, Harbiye Military Museum, Istanbul Turkey
    March 9-11 1st ISPRES Congress (International Society of Plastic Regenerative Surgery), Hotel Columbus, Rome Italy

    Year 2011

    October 20 – 2 7th Annual QMP Aesthetic Surgery Symposium, Renaissance Chicago Hotel, Chicago, Illinois USA
    September 24 – 25 3rd International Congress of Minimally Invasive Plastic Surgery and Dermatology, Intercontinental Shanghai Expo, Shanghai, China ( Speaker )
    June 10-12 Aesthetic Plastic Surgery/Anti-Aging Medicine: Waldorf Astoria
    The Next Generation Symposium New York, USA
    April 23-24 International Symposium of Minimal Invasive Shangri-la Hotel Plastic Surgery & Dermatology (SPEAKER)
    Bangkok, Thailand

    Year 2010

    September 10 – 12 2nd International Congress of Minimally Invasive Plastic Surgery and Dermatology, Grand Ballroom , COEX Convention Center, Seoul Korea
    July 9-10 Miami Fat Graft Course one on one with Dr. Roger Khouri
    Kendall Medical Center, Miami, Florida, USA
    April 15-17 American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine
    Marriott’s Hotel, Orlando, Florida, USA
    March 18- 20 2nd European Congress on Preventive Regenerative and Anti- aging Medicine ( ECOPRAM )
    Milan Convention Center, Milan, Italy
    February 14 Fat Graft Course/Workshop South Miami Hospital
      Miami, Florida, USA

    Year 2009

    December 9-12 American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine Mandalay Bay Hotel
      (A4M) Las Vegas,  Nevada, USA 
    October 15-17 European Congress of Anti-aging and Aesthetic  Medicine ( ECAAM )
      Mainz, Frankfurt Germany
    September 9-12 Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine  San Jose Convention Center (A4M)
      San Jose, CA, USA
    July 12-14 IMCAS Asia 2009
      Hotel Hyatt, Bangkok, Thailand
    June 13-14 Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine COEX Conference Center
    Seoul, Korea
    February 9-12 Basic Training Course for Pollution (Control Officer)
    Quezon City, Philippines
    January 9-11 Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Symposium Centennial Cosmetic Surgery (Advanced Fat Transfer to face, hand, butt) and Dermatology Centennial
    Colorado, USA

    Year 2008

    November 17-19 11th Oriental Society of Aesthetic Surgery Waterfront Hotel Congress
    Cebu City, Philippines
    November 16 Optimizing Surgical Outcomes in Breast  Waterfront Hotel Augmentation in Asia, 11th Oriental Society of Aesthetic Surgery Congress
    Cebu City, Philippines
    July 8 Bioskills Workshop Coapt Palo Alto Systems, Inc.
    California, USA
    April 12-14 Cosmoprof – The Beaut Event Bologna Exhibition Centre
    Bologna, Italy
    April 10-12 Anti-Aging World Congress Palais des Congres de Paris
    Paris, France
    February 10-13 19th Congress of International Society of Melbourne Convention Center Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
    Melbourne, Australia

    Year 2007

    July 16-17 IMCAS Asia (International Master Course on Aging Skin)
    Bangkok, Thailand
    March 16-18 8th Simposio Internacional de Cirurgia Plastica
    WTC Hotel Sao Paolo, Brazil
    March 15 Live Surgery Workshop on Liposuction And Body Contouring, Butt Augmentation Using implants
    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    March 14 Live Surgery Workshop on Pectoralis, Biceps And Triceps Augmentation using Silimed Implants
    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    Year 2006

    October 16-18 13th ASEAN Congress of Plastic Surgery
    Chang-Mai, Thailand

    Year 2005

    August 6-7 FAMI- Facial Fat Autograft Muscle Injection
    Denver, Colorado, USA

    Year 2004

    December 6-10 9th Oriental Society of Asethetic Plastic Surgery Congress with Live Workshop
    Bangkok, Thailand
    October 24-30 Hair transplant, Nu/Hart Hair Clinic Manhattan
    New York, USA
    February 12th ASEAN Congress of Plastic Surgery
    Manila, Philippines

    Year 2002

    February 11th ASEAN Congress of Plastic Surgery